Collection: Montse Palomo

Montse Palomo, born in Capellades, Barcelona, is a self-taught acrylics painter whose work is in collections all over Europe and galleries in the USA.

In 2001, Montse decided that it was time to truly explore her creativity and begin painting. As she says, ‘I trusted, dared, was brave and jumped’. She immediately sold two paintings.

For Montse art is all about freedom. Feeling privileged to create, she expresses herself in an unlimited and explorative way. 

Montse moved to Mallorca in 1998 after having lived five years in Africa and three years in Germany. In 2017, she expanded her audience when she exhibited in galleries in Palm Springs, California, and Aspen, Colorado. She also worked on staging for a rialtor group in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The success of Montse Palomo reflects the optimism and happiness her paintings transmit. Her vitality and positive energy are perceptible in her work, which depicts ‘a world of form and colours’. Her large formats, her tryptichs, her graphic approach and colour palette make Montse an original and exceptional painter.

Montse moved to Deià in 2010 and now lives and works in the village. ‘Deià gives me the sense of wellbeing I need to create,’ she says. ‘I’m inspired by the place – the nature and the view. I also love being part of an artistic community. Since I arrived in the village, I’ve done nothing but make art with a feeling of absolute freedom. I feel like I’m flying even when I’m not travelling.’