The Deia Artists' Gallery

Deia Artists' Gallery was created to help support the local artists of Deia. It was a gift to the community to recognise the important role that art has played. and continues to play, in sculpting what people love about the village. 100% of any proceeds from sales from this website go direct to the artist.

Deia: The Artists + Inspiration

Thank you for choosing to visit the Deià Artists Gallery, the online art space dedicated to showcasing the work of the Deià artists who do so much to keep our village so culturally vibrant.

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to buy art online made by artists who live and work in Deià and the surrounding area in Mallorca. All of the work on this site is for sale.

Honouring the artistic spirit of Deià

There are roughly two kinds of visual artists in Deià. Perhaps there always have been. Some have fallen in love with the astonishing landscape in which the village sits, a beguiling mix of wild and oddly pastoral, to the point of obsession. Others have found Deià itself a place to really live while they work.

The artists represented on this website fall very loosely into one or other of these camps.

The magnetic attraction of Deià and Mallorca’s West Coast

Those who paint the village and the landscape are responding to its drama, to the quality of light here, to the strange brilliance of the moon on clear nights, to the sometimes shimmering, sometimes stormy, always enchanting Cala Deià. And to all those secret vistas they can feel are out there somewhere.

Because they know that the village, the mountains, the ocean and the sky can never be captured, they return again and again to their subject.

Drawn by Deià’s creative spirit

Then there are the artists for whom the creative spirit of Deià is their lifeblood. These are the people who appreciate that this is a village where it’s normal to meet the most remarkable people, where tolerance is the rule, where misfits feel perfectly at home right away. 

They are the artists who come to the village to hide and work, until they can’t resist emerging.

Whoever they are, every artist that spends time in Deià becomes part of something – tradition sounds too stuffy – that has helped make the village what it is and is not for centuries, a unique spirit that may well have existed before Deià was an idea.

We hope you enjoy viewing the work of the Deià artists and that you take this opportunity to purchase their art online and connect to the creative spirit of our village.

Where did this gallery come from?

Deia is a special place for the Charles Marlow team (photographed here doing one of Manuella's art classes). It's more than just a place of work.

The art scene is a huge part of what makes the village so special. They wanted to give something back and hopefully in turn connect their clients with the masterpieces that were being inspired by the local landscape. So they set about building and then eventually gifting this website - The Deia Artists' Gallery.

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