Collection: David Templeton

British-born artist David Templeton arrived in Deià in 1978 and, apart from a period just down the coast in Soller, has lived in the village ever since.

Even before he could walk or talk, David was constantly drawing. As soon as he was able, David went to art classes. He completed a pre-diploma art course before studying at Leeds College of Art between 1967-1970. 

After a period teaching art, David and his young family travelled around Europe and Asia for a year before arriving in Deià. David soon became a member of the village’s bohemian art and music scenes. For many years, he sang in the legendary Pamboli Band.

Of Deià, David says, ‘The village allows me the freedom to do whatever I want, which happens to be painting and music. I can choose peace and tranquillity for my painting and, when I want to, I can let rip socially with my music. I feel in harmony with the "cosmic sea" upon which this radiant jewel nestles.’

Music and the movies from the 1950s onwards have long inspired David’s work. He is also steeped in the mythology of Deià. One of his finest portraits is of the poet Robert Graves, who lived in the village for most of his life. 

Among his most memorable portrait work is a series of drawings of the poet Robert Graves, who lived in the village for most of his life, spanning a four year period from 1981 to 1985 and made from life at Robert’s home in Deià.

In a long career, David has exhibited throughout Spain, in the major art capitals of Europe and in the USA. Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Chris Martin, Anna Friel, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Spike Milligan Bob Geldof and Pierce Brosnan are among the people who have work by David in their collection.

Today, after a lifetime spent drawing and painting, figurative and abstract, David mainly works in collage.